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Bulldog Amber Ale

Thursday, January 11, 2007

People always seem curious as to how we come up with the recipes for the beers. The Bulldog is a bit of a mutt in that regard; part well known homebrew recipe, part brewing science, part brewing art.

I used to brew a simple ale at home, using pale, munich and some crystal malts. From batch to batch, I'd keep the malt the same, but twiddle with the hops depending on my mood. It usually ran about 4.5% a/v, with a snappy hop aroma - usually from German hops.

When it came time to decide on a "training wheel" beer for Half Pints, Nicole and I discussed at length the options and possibilities. I wanted to do a full bodied ale, rather than the traditional wishy washy light lager for our mainstay beer. We both enjoyed that regular home brew I did, but it needed a bit more body, with less of the smack in the face hop finish. I did some math, and came up with a good enough recipe but it was missing something.

Everything clicked when we finally decided on the name. I really enjoy a good, English style pale ale, with a light touch of sweetness and a grassy hop aroma. I figured it would be wise to use British ingredients to go with it. Hence the use of Crisp Malting's crystal malt and U.K. Goldings hops.

When we finally tapped the first tank of this beer, we rejoiced. Many Half Pints were "tested" that day, all in the name of science.