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The Father

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There it is. A new beer for a new year. Today is the release date for our newest Half Pints brew, The Father. It's a Belgian style Dubbel in case you're wondering.

It is the first beer in a series of three we're referring to as "The Holy Trinity".

I really do love brewing Belgian beers. It's a very sensual experience. You walk into the brewery, whisper sweet nothings to a special new yeast culture, then pray that all will be right with the world and the beer will be worth it. You can almost see what the Trappist Monk's are thinking as the beer slowly moves through it's paces.

It's almost like you have to unlearn the ingrained brewing thoughts: never ferment at a high temperature, never add sugar, always add lots o' hops, etc.

I had a great time brewing this one, as the Vienna malt we used has a real toasty aroma to it that permeated the brewery for a week after I brewed it. It still sort of lingers.

We let the yeast do it's thing at a higher temperature (23-25 C.) to highlight the fruity characters from the esters it produced. We even went with real Belgian brewing traditions and added some sugar (in this case, Demerarra) to the brew kettle to boost the gravity, and lend a nice molasses finish to the beer. My inner hophead was kept in check as we went to the light end for both bitterness and aroma (although you can pick up some Czech Saaz below the fruity yeast notes).

Overall, we're very happy with the results. I'm going to have one right now for you!