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Thursday, February 22, 2007

We’ve always known that the best “sales team” a brewer can have is a hoard of happy customers lined up at the bar. This is something the big brewers lost sight of years ago. It’s the idea that someone may just be persistent enough to not accept the same five beers that every other bar has on tap, and order an iced tea instead.

Life’s too short to drink bad beer!

The veritable sameness of big box stores and associated establishments that spring up on their lots means that some accountant in T.O. or Vancouver is choosing what brew you should drink based on how many patio umbrellas they can score from a brewery. Does this make sense to anyone but the type of person that thinks Rotten Ronnie’s is a gourmet burger joint?

Then, there’s the seemingly endless number of high end restaurants who spend thousands of dollars developing a wine list second to none, yet decide that the best they can muster regarding the world’s most popular beverage is a skunked bottle of Euro-Pils. If they really looked at numbers they’d understand that real craft brewed beer is considered to be an affordable luxury.

If you had a chance to order a properly cellared bottle of Burly Wine with four beer clean glasses for less than $15, would you? If the chef offered it paired with a gorgeous Traditional English Plum Pudding, would that get your mojo running? I don’t know about you, but in that case, I may ask the manager if I could go into the kitchen and group hug the staff.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it) is to ask for Half Pints at your favorite pub or restaurant. If they don’t have us on tap ask why! You deserve better than pseudo IPA and stale dated “premium imports”.

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