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They're talking about us...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Yep, it official - people actually do talk about us when we're not around. Follow the links below for further reading about the hilarious misadventures of our fans.

RobCML details the pain and agony of forgetting the Holy Spirit at work... again. Seems he enjoyed the Holy Trinity in general - thanks Rob - maybe a little too much. No, that's impossible. Rob's the first person I've heard of to actually tackle the entire trinity in one night in the right order. Now if Rob and the illustrious Mr. Ian (from Chazwood MLCC) were to get together for a beer tasting - I'd pay to see it.

Greg Clow waxes poetic about beer in general. My favourite quote regards our Bulldog Amber Ale: "if the LCBO carried this (hint hint)" Ha ha, funny guy. No soup for you. We're too busy proving where the real center of Canada is, Greg. ;P

The local weekly paper came by to do this story. Funny how life comes full circle. My first job was delivering this very weekly back when you had to go door to door begging for donations for the "free paper". Suffice to say, at 8 years old I was highly unsuccessful. I eventually made it to the "big time" though, delivering both the Sun & the Press.

Some goofball is trying to sell our coasters on e-bay. Psst! You get 'em for nothing at the brewery. For those collectors reading, these coasters were from our first run. The new ones are nicer and they have our address on them.

The Great Tastes of Manitoba show has been using our brews to pair or cook with. Check out one of the recipes here. I'm just waiting to see Jim I

Rory Burnett enjoys a Stir Stick Stout. Hey Rory, next time try it a-la-mode.

Ben McPhee-Sigurdson chills with a glass of vino from time to time, but we won't hold it against him. Plus, he's a new dad, so we'll cut him some slack given he probably hasn't got much sleep recently. He was kind enough to recognize us as "Rookie of the Year for 2006" in his year end wrap up article for the Winnipeg Free Press.