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Friday, March 16, 2007

The list is expanding where you can find bar managers and staff with impeccable taste. These champions of good beer have been kind enough to give Half Pints a chance to show the world how much our beer kicks ass:

The Hotel Fort Garry- They've got our Bulldog Amber Ale on tap in the Palm Room. So, the next time your partner wants to go antiqueing at the Forks, you can just wander over to the Hotel for a half pint.

Hooligan's Neighbourhood Pub - Within stumbling distance of granola country, you'll find our Little Scrapper IPA on tap at Hooligan's. The exact comment of the owner (Kevin) was "finally, a real IPA in Winnipeg, at MY BAR!" You can't beat a happy customer, which is why he's offered to do Pint and a Pastie Night on Tuesday's at the pub. Eat, drink, be merry, and stick around to sing for your supper during the late night Karaoke.