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Friday, March 16, 2007

Today is a special day in Half Pints history.
The photo on the left is my dad and Gary Dunlop (expert forklift operator) loading in our brew kettle, March 16th, 2006. It was cold that day, and with a little help from our friends (Mike, Chris, George, Gary, & Darryl) we got a truckload of equipment into the future brewery.
To celebrate this special occasion, we're releasing a new beer as of tomorrow - Weizenbock.
Why would we release a German style beer on St. Paddy's? Because unlike other breweries who poke their heads up for one day a year and encourage over consumption, we're busy making great beer year round. And Monday (March 19th) is St. Joseph's Day, which is the traditional day Bock beers are released in Germany.
From the label:
As spring approaches, a brewer’s thoughts turn to the German tradition: Bock beer. Our Weizenbock welcomes the warmer weather with no less than seven different malts from around the world. The addition of German Perle and Hallertau hops balance the thick malt flavours with pepper and herbal aromas. Specially selected wheat yeast cultures lend banana, vanilla, and clove-like aromas to the beer. Try it with a thick, buttered slice of Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company’s multi grain bread or a decadent Hazelnut Torte. Serve at 8 C. in a tall Weizen glass. 6.2% a/v 18 IBU
Those of you who are beer savvy will note that our Weizenbock is not incredibly strong like some of the commercially available Dopple Weizenbocks. I'd like to think this makes the beer entirely more drinkable, and enjoyable over an evening, not just as a nightcap. Also, being that our motto is "small brewery BIG FLAVOUR", we feel it shows our capabilities better to brew with flair rather than just brewing an extra high test beer that gets you plastered.

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