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Monday, July 23, 2007

Egad's! It's a monstrously hoppy Double IPA we're calling Humulus Ludicrous. We'll be releasing this beer at the brewery on August 11, 2007. So be there, or be disappointed when your buddy grabs the last bottle from the shelf.

We've brewed this one specially for the hop heads and there's no doubting from our initial sample from the tank that this will be a swift kick in the teeth from our beloved hop. We'll also be serving this at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria, BC.

In other news:

For those savvy Fringe Fest'ers who want to avoid the lager louts in the beer tent:

  • the King's Head Pub has been serving our Phil's Pils on the patio

  • The Royal Albert has Bulldog on tap.

  • Mondragon carries our beer in bottles (mostly for the vegan's) but they'd never turn away a thirsty fringer

  • just a stone's throw away, the Yellow Dog has the IPA and Amber on all the time. Tell Greg we sent you!

The East India Company is now serving our Stir Stick Stout and Little Scrapper IPA.

Thanks to the tenacity of some of our loyal customers (Q!, Bill, and Derek) The University Club now has our Stout and IPA ready to serve on tap - they've just got to finish off some other brewery's beer first. If ever there was a use for light beer, I'd suggest it now - go water the ficus with a pitcher or two!

Did you catch us on the Big Breakfast last week? Bill did and he sent this screen shot for us. Thanks Bill!

That's it for now, keep cool, and we'll see you at the campground this weekend!

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