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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The worldwide results are in for another fine year in craft brewing and the membership at have recognized some of the hard work by Half Pints.

Click here for the skinny on the Ratebeer Best Awards 2008.

Click here for the lowdown on the Best Beers in Canada.

You'll notice that two of the award winners from Half Pints - Humulus Ludicrous and Burlywine - are not available year round. They're bigger beers (both hop and malt wise) and that's what the beer knurds tend to go for when recognizing better beers. But, we're the only western Canadian brewery with two beers on the gold medal side. Huzzah!

Looking deeper into the top 50, it's interesting to note the diversity of styles, showing that Canadian micro's aren't just one trick ponies. The range runs from something as soft as the Grand River Mill Race Mild (at 3.5% alc./vol.) all the way up to the Charlevoix Tomahawk Triple IPA (@ 11.0%). There's a big world of beer between those two beer styles.

The real shining star for us is that our Stir Stick Stout was recognized at all. Unlike the other coffee beers on the list such as the #1 rated Dieu Du Ciel Peche Mortel or even the #50 rated Yukon Brewing Midnight Sun Espresso Stout, the Stir Stick tends to lean on the softer, drier side of stout country. Maybe it's got something to do with the coffee we use! Given that it's one of our year round beers, we welcome the recognition.

Regardless, we're honoured to be even considered to be among the best in Canadian craft beer and appreciate the time the folks at ratebeer have dedicated to searching out small breweries like us and championing the cause.

My "if there was a ceremony" acceptance speech:
I'd like to thank my loving wife Nicole for her unwavering support, my boys Ethan and Conor, the crew here at Half Pints (Chris, Zach, and Jarrod), our shareholders for believing in the dream, and last but not least, the fans in Winnipeg for accepting nothing less than the best we can give them. Now, where'd I leave my beer?

Cheers, Brewmaster David Rudge