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Pothole Porter

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hey all,
Thanks to Colin for the reminder re: what new brew was coming out today. We were so busy bottling, I almost forgot!


March 26, 2008 – Half Pints Brewing Company has a lot to celebrate this spring.

In the past year and a half, the staff hand labeled and bottled over 210,000 660ml bottles. Recently, the brewery purchased and installed a new bottling machine for 341ml. bottles. This new machine allows the three beers brewed throughout the year (Bulldog Amber Ale, Little Scrapper IPA, and Stir Stick Stout) to be packaged in 6 packs. While most other breweries are raising prices with the increase in costs (malt, hops, water, gas, and wages) we have reduced the prices to reflect our new efficiencies.

While based in Winnipeg, Half Pints Brewing Company is getting noticed and celebrated all over the world. Demand from outside Manitoba is high with unsolicited orders coming in from BC, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Here’s what Stephen Beaumont, beer writer and drinks expert, had to say, “the new standard-bearer for good beer in Manitoba, Half Pints Brewing of Winnipeg``.

Half Pints was also a huge hit at the Great Canadian Beer Festival in Victoria this past fall. See what North America’s longest running beer magazine, Celebrator had to say . Based on the beer rating websites, and, Half Pints is clearly the brewery of choice for real beer lovers in Manitoba and is certainly making its mark all over the beer world with its seasonal offerings.

Half Pints Brewing Company is celebrating spring with a brand new beer – Pothole Porter. This beer is a strong, dark ale brewed using pale, crystal, chocolate and melanoidin malts. It is finished with UK Fuggles hops, aged with French Oak, and cool fermented for a sweet, toasty malt finish.Pothole Porter will be available Tuesday, April 1st, 2008, so prepare for a total front end alignment of your senses. The beer will be available for sale in single 341 ml. bottles fresh from the brewery on Keewatin St. as well as Winnipeg’s Liquor Marts and select vendors.