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Thursday, July 24, 2008

What's up indeed...

The brewery is obviously busy, as many of you who have been calling for kegs can attest to. So, while we do have beer on hand at all times, sometimes the keg choices can be lacking given that we may not have "your beer" in stock. Today, for example, we're out of Bulldog Amber till next Monday(ish).

Oh well, more Phil's Pils for us.

Nicole was kind enough to buy us some wings for the BBQ at the brewery today, so after ripping off a ton of beer (IPA and Pils) off the bottling line, we had a bit of a Frank's Red Hot fiesta with wings. Zach was kind enough to show the brewery guys his one bite, completely clean wing sucking technique (affectionately known as The One Suck Wing Shuck technique). I guess we all aspire to greatness in one way or another ;)

The news for right now is that we've got our big 2nd anniversary coming up and have brewed a strong Scotch ale called Grewsome for the occasion. Many of you have heard me reference the beer in relation to an off-color joke regarding kilts, scottsmen and what's missing under said kilts. Anyhoo - it's gonna be a tasty one. It's basically the polar opposite of the Humulus Ludicrous in that it's a malt barley sandwich with an extra side of malt.

It'll be released on August 9th at the brewery and will only be for sale from the brewery until it's gone. So, if you're a fan, come represent in all your glory on the morning of the 9th. We thank you for your ongoing support and have some big plans in the coming month that will amaze you.

Brewmaster Dave :)