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Long Live Roseberry!

Monday, November 24, 2008

After a particularly trying November, the brewery is now up and running at 550 Roseberry Street.

Brewery fan and beer label collector, Dave Craig came by the other day and took these photos.

Our sign from Keewatin followed us over to the new brewery, so at least our fans will know us by sight.

You can see all the natural light in the warehouse and what a difference it makes to everyone working in the brewery.

In the coming days, the brewery staff will polish and scrub the place from the top down and we'll get brewing so we can start selling draught beer again - we've still got lots of bottles, but it seems everyone misses the draught. Go figure!

So, now that the brewery is built, that means plans must start for Burlywine Day. We've set a date of Saturday, December 13th. No so coincidentally, this will be the day we resume our regularly scheduled Saturday tours.

Some things to make note of for Burlywine Day this year:
  • Burlywine was recognized this past year as one of the best beers brewed in Canada by the folks at
  • We always age some Burlywine in kegs and let the first people in line get a crack at it. Last year, we saved 2 kegs, but it's still not enough for everyone. As always, be here early or be square.
  • We've got TONS of parking at the new brewery, so it'll be easy for you all to come down and check us out. Dress warm, the lineup starts early.
  • Phil (of Phil's Pils fame) has convinced us that having a few of the 660 ml. bottles for sale from the brewery only is a good thing. He did not volunteer to fill them by hand, but he's the idea guy, not the logistics guy. There will be a total of 50 cases available in this format.
  • The rest of the Burlywine is being packaged in a snazzy 4 pack for all to enjoy. Whatever is left over at the end of the day will be sent out to our accounts, but we make no guarantee that they'll get any if the locals are thirsty.

In other news:

The constantly growing list of accounts that carry Half Pints is about to get larger. With our increased ability to supply the previously overwhelming demand, we've decided to start shipping beer out to Selkirk, Portage, and Brandon Liquor Marts. If you're a fan of Half Pints in these locales, we thank you for your patience. We know two years was a long wait, but we also know our beer is worth it. We look forward to spreading the frothy love.

As always, we listen to our fans and if any of you know another place you'd love to see our beer, please just call or drop an e-mail ( Remember, if you don't ask for it, you'll never get it.

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