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Friday, May 15, 2009

May long weekend is slowly becoming the weekend of snow. Hell, it's almost too chilly for me to run out and throw something on the grill, never mind my usual May long practice of firing up my smoker for a whole day. Looks like it's gonna be a strong beer weekend for me with multiple sippers under a cozy blanket.

Regardless, last weekend we cleaned up the neighborhood with our singular volunteer - Miles! Thanks Miles for being a stand-up guy. Miles took the prizes for being the only volunteer to show up. It was bloody cold then, too - so I can't exactly blame the neighbors for not showing up. Our guys in the brewery were there to help out so thanks to them for putting up with being bolonteered (volonteered by your boss) to do the job. If you drive down Ellice from Ferry Road to Barry, you'll see the difference in the north side of the street from the south side. Sweet!

Rock over London, Rock on Chicago:
On the brewery/music front, we've got some cool events coming up that we've been asked to sponsor - like a Transistor 66 show at the Lo on June 13th. More info to come...

The guys at AM Glory will be enjoying some Half Pints in their video for Dance All Night.

We heard through the grapevine that nomeansno enjoyed the hell out of our brews when they played Winnipeg a couple weeks ago. I shot them an e-mail to say thanks and received one back professing their love for any well crafted beer.

We'll be sponsoring the Winnipeg Ska and Reggae Festival in August. Check out their website for details. Suffice to say, Greg Crowe will be involved and I can only hold the threat of releasing our kindergarten picture over his head so far, given that I'm in the photo, too. I don't think Greg's glasses have changed. How cool is that? The kid had (has) style!

New accounts:
Tom has been busy and we've seen a jump in draught accounts around the city. Carlos & Murphy's picked up the St. James and it quickly jumped to their top three spot and is still climbing.

We also started on tap at The Belgian Club - which should make the guys at the bike club happy as they've been wanting our beer on tap for at least a year.

Stella's on Grant (the one across from the Superstore) just started with our St. James on draught and we've lent them a fridge until theirs shows up.

We're the beer of choice at the new and improved West End Cultural Center. For those of you who don't know, Nicole and I met because of the WECC (at a Gob show!) and it holds a special place in our hearts. We've seen many a fine show there - I've even played a few of those myself! Ask me sometime to see my collection of early to mid nineties (mostly punk) bands on VHS. I should do a greatest hits on DVD.

The Albert added St. James Pale to their roster of draught brews as well as our beer in bottles for their vendor. While at the Lo last week, we (Lynne, Jack and I) were lamenting the loss of past Thursdays that were Draught night. Social responsibility aside, the craziest stories all seem to start with "So I was standing there with my pitcher on draught night..."

J. Fox's on Academy has our bottles for those of you who love our Stout, IPA and so on, or our St. James Pale on draught. They'll be playing their own brand of Little Scrapper as they take on the city to have their patio approved. Politics aside, I'd have to say that drinking and driving issues could really be curbed if we had more mom & pop style neighbourhood pubs like this.

The University Club at the University of Manitoba now has four Half Pints beers on tap for the membership. There's something to be said for a board of directors and a chef who give a damn about good beer. Thanks to Derek and Josh for choosing better beers and making an impression on the members.

Festival Fun

We'll see our Alberta fans in Calgary at the end of the month for the Calgary Beer Fest. We hope you're prepared to love our beer even more than you already do. Kevin, Chris, Jarrod and Zach (who's in town for a family wedding that weekend) will be there to rock your world.

That it!

Na-nu Na-nu. Mork out.