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Humulus Ludicrous Day

Monday, August 10, 2009

The past week has gone by like a blur as we've been busy with the guys from the CCBA 30th Annual National convention. The brewerianist guys were a great bunch and seemed to enjoy the beer and our brewery quite a bit. I could tell because Friday night for me ended on a high (slightly sour) note with my rendition of "Cover of The Rolling Stone" at the hotel bar during karaoke. They didn't even boo me, but I think it's because I wasn't nearly as whacked out as Dr. Hook was... ever. Huzzah!

This Saturday (August 15th, 2009) we'll be celebrating the re-release of our Humulus Ludicrous Double IPA. For those of you unfamiliar with it, the Humulus is a hugely hoppy, bitter beer with intense citrus flavours from the ridiculous amount of hops we add to it.

It has been showered with critical acclaim since we first brewed it way back in 2007 for our first anniversary. A few months back, we received word that the Humulus was chosen as one of the Canadian representatives for authour Ben McFarland's new book, "World's Best Beers". Not so coincidentally, they chose our Burlywine too, but that's a story for December.

So, we've ordered up a few hundred soft pretzels from Lange's Pastry on Ellice, which we'll be serving out with some spicy hot mustard (preferably Elman's) on Saturday for all to enjoy. Come down to the brewery early and we'll make sure you get a quick tour, a small sample and a pretzel for your troubles. We're expecting a large crowd, given that the Humulus was so well received last time and we've been pestered incessantly since then as to when the next batch would be up.

Other News:
Phil's Pils fans (including Phil) will be happy to know that the yeast is scheduled to arrive later this week, and we'll be starting it up for brewing right away. We'll be blanketing the city with enough Phil's so you can all get your fix and then the Oktoberfest will arrive in mid-late September. Expect the Phil's to start showing up in late August at the stores.

Our special mystery beer is aging in the casks as we speak. The area around the casks is starting to smell like a distillery. Yum!

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