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Back In Black... Fishnets, that is!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our beloved Christmas Tradition is Back!
Pictured here you see the venerable center of our favourite yuletide movie "A Christmas Story" - the fishnet clad leglamp. Remember? The one where Ralphie wants the Red Rider BB Gun with the compass in the stock and his dad gets an Italian prize marked FRA - GEE - LAY (Fragile).
Well, we got a full sized one, just like in the picture here, and we're giving it away. This MAJOR AWARD will be raffled off, with all proceeds going to Winnipeg Harvest.
Tickets are $2 each or 3 for $5.
Last time we did this, our customers raised $424 for harvest, and Mike won the lamp on the day of his daughter's birth. Rock on Stella!
In Other News:
Nicole and Zach have a soft heart and as such, we'll be selling the Bourbon Burlywine from behind the counter at the brewery on Burlywine Day. There's a limit of 6 bottles per person, and it's still only while supplies last, which will now be shorter than how I had it planned, but much more fair given that some of you may not want (gasp!) to buy a full case of Burlywine. I don't know why, but happy wife, happy life - I'll do it how she says.
Sweet Nikki Brown is now available at the brewery. We're doing a total of 5 batches this year and should run out sometime in mid January, unless the beer's fans clean us out faster. The beer has yet to be delivered to the Liquor Marts, so come down and say Hi at the brewery. We'll be stocking the stores next week.
Say Hello!
Nicole was out Christmas shopping yesterday and couldn't figure out why so many people were nodding, smiling and generally being friendly in traffic to her. Then she remembered she was driving the Half-Pints-mobile and not the family car.
Seems our fans are starting to recognize the vehicle and show their appreciation. To our fans, she says thanks - I think you made her blush a bit. That's cool. We love our fans and appreciate (and share) their passion. Cheers to you all.
Check out our Burlywine Day ads on Kick FM, UMFM, UWFM. Thanks to The Invisible Man for the shout out on yesterday's program. You're making the brewery guys so happy when we're working on Friday afternoons!
Minnesotans & more:
It must be because it's the Turkey Day weekend in the states, but we've had a lot of out of town visitors recently. Thanks for making time to come see us - we feel honoured that you figure we're worth it.
If you're coming to Winnipeg and plan on visiting the brewery...bring beer! We'd love to trade you for beers from your neck of the woods. We've had lots of Surly, and would never turn down a Furious, but would love some beers from some of the smaller, better micros and brewpubs in the states. Surprise us and we'll make a trade.
Brewmaster Dave

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