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Pothole season is just around the corner...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yep, I said it - but with all this warm weather we've been getting recently, it's a good thing we started brewing the Pothole Porter early.

Just in time for the Winnipeg tradition that is pothole season, we've got our strong Baltic Porter styled beer coming out. As you all know, we're famous here in 'Peg City for potholes that could swallow your leg (or a car), and Half Pints loves to celebrate our oddities with this tongue in cheek beer featuring the tag line "stare into the abyss".

This year's Pothole is aged with toasted oak spirals, and has a lovely dark chocolate finish. It's just right for soothing your nerves after the drive home where it's entirely possible you tried to jerk the wheel like a madman while avoiding your rush hour neighbour's door panels by a half an inch.

And, if by chance you're one of those tail-gating, cell phone yapping, text sending morons, now is the time the rest of us get our sweet revenge because you can't see the crater sized opening in the earth below your soon to be replaced front axle. Victory is sweet so we raise this glass of black darkness to you!

On Saturday - March 6th we're doing a special release party at the Lo Pub for Jack's favorite beer. We'll be tapping 2 kegs of wonderfulness - one has been aged for 2 years, the other is from the new batch. We give new meaning to the term "2 fisted drinker".

Hopefully we'll see you there, if not, we know you got swallowed up by a Pothole of your own.
(Ol' Young Man; King of the Pothole, Knower of all Relative Pothole Volume within the brewery)

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