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Rigamarole Day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Saturday, August 7th is Rigamarole Day.

This is the first beer out of Half Pints that Brewer Chris has completely designed and brewed from the ground up. Its a rye beer with boatloads of caramel notes from a 31 hour boil (standard is 1 hour-ish) and hopped up with Willamette and Centennials. It clocks in at 9.5% a/v and 58 IBU.

The coup de grace with this brew is the 6 months this one spent in our oak barrels, just maturing, taking up that lovely vanilla note from the wood, and mellowing the hop bitterness.

Come congratulate Chris on his brew and all the hard work that went into it, then celebrate Half Pints' 4th anniversary. Its supposed to be a warm day, so don't forget your sunscreen if the lineup is huge.

Other News
Looks like we'll be taking the show on the road in late September for a Western Canadian tour. Medicine Hat on October 1st is a shoe in given that there's a cool beer festival going on. We'll keep you posted as to further dates as they firm up.

Phil's Pils is coming down the pipeline. We've currently got kegs available in limited quantities, but another tank full will be ready shortly and we'll be bottling it for sale from the brewery only.

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