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Vacation Time...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nicole and I really enjoy being able to get away sometimes. Thankfully the folks at the brewery know what they're doing and can be left to their own devices these days with little to no worries.

We're not fancy about it. Trips usually involve a car and road trip mentality that results in some interesting finds. Last time out we found the best Mexican food we've ever eaten... in Fergus Falls no less. How is it that this tiny town with boarded up fast food joints can support such a sweet restaurant? Hmm... THE FOOD DOESN'T SUCK!

Wouldn't that be a great rule for business?

How to succeed in business:
  1. Don't suck.

Class dismissed, hand in your exams at the front for me to grade. If they don't say "Don't Suck", you fail, better luck next time.

So the main crux of this rant is that with the help of Scott, I came across a highly recommended beer store in Moorhead. They had a small, but relatively aggressive selection of tasty beers for sale. The beauty is that they also had Surly beers available, too. So nut's to you Minneapolis - I don't have to drive 8 hours now to get a fix of Furious, just to Fargo where the weather was fine this weekend, donchya know?

It always amazes me the choice in a free market system when it comes to craft beer. This would explain the growth that craft beer segment of the market has attained in the last 5 years. What was previously thought of as impossible has been surpassed by growth while the bikini ad foisting drivel brewers keep having to consolidate just to keep their heads above water.

How does this relate to us? Well, Rule #1 states "Don't Suck", so we don't. It's a pretty simple outlook. People have their faves they stick with and every once in a while we send out something different just for the hell of it.

We're proud of Chris and his Rigamarole Rye as it was a resounding success. Folks seem to be enjoying it, and for that, we thank you all.

We've got some Humulus and Oktoberfest coming down the pipe on September 15th. Both beers will be shipped to Alberta in small quantities, while Saskatchewan will be seeing both on tap at Beer Bros. in Regina.

Check out the front page here at the website for details and dates on Dave's whirlwind Western Canadian tour. Hopefully you live somewhere close so we can chat beer together.