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Dr. Half Pints and The Medicine Show

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Half Pints On Tour

It has come to our attention that not everyone wants to visit Winnipeg in the middle of January for beer releases, or even just to experience the crunch of bone dry snow in the minus 40 weather. With that in mind, Brewmaster Dave Rudge will make a whirlwind tour of the prairie provinces in late September.

After being in business for 4 years, we thought it was about time we took the show on the road. We get emails every day saying "we discovered your beer in X town" (not Winnipeg) "and we really wish we'd drank more then or brought more home". Fear not Half Pints lover's, cause we're bringing the Medicine Show to you!

September 28 - Edmonton Cask Night @ The Sugar Bowl

Thanks to our good friend Jason Foster at, the folks in Edmonton now enjoy cask beers on a monthly basis at the Sugar Bowl. If you've never had cask beer, you're missing out. Good cask beers are like angels pissing on your tongue (as a fellow from Herefordshire once told me) and the search for them is a lifelong mission for some.

Given that we're straddling the Oktoberfest weekend, I figured we should bring some dry hopped Oktoberfest in the cask. Last time tried a cask like this (in Regina) we had much too much of a good time.

September 29 - Calgary Beer Tasting @ Kawa Espresso Bar

Alex and crew at Kawa Espresso Bar have got some good beer events going and we're coming to give the people of Calgary a show they'll never forget. Here's the beer list:

Bulldog Amber Ale, Phil's Pils, Punk N' Fest, Rigamarole Rye, Humulus Ludicrous, $ellout $tout.

Yep, you read it right. Not one, not two, but three relatively rare beers in that tasting for all to enjoy. Beer tickers be warned, these are only available that night at Kawa Espresso Bar. We will not be retailing Punk N' Fest, Rigamarole, or the $ellout in Alberta.

September 30 - Lethbridge Tasting @ the Andrew Hilton store

Kyle from Andrew Hilton drove 14 hours to Winnipeg in the dead of January to get our $ellout $tout so, if I'm only a couple hours away, I figured we best get on down to Lethbridge for an in store tasting to say thanks. We'll have some regulars, plus a few oddities for the folks there to enjoy.

October 1- Medicine Hat Medicine Hat Beer Fest

Trackside Liquors in Medicine Hat carry all our beers, so when they asked if we'd like to come out to a beer fest they were working on with the Medicine Hat Lodge, we set up the whole Travelling Medicine Show around it. Erika and I will be pouring beers at the fest and answering questions for the beer lovers of the Hat and all points beyond.

I will remember fondly my summer spent living in a tent on the side of the hill in Veinerville over looking the valley and Medicine Hat. We drank pitchers of beer at the Captain's Cabin with multiple pounds of hot wings. We dared to eat the 25 cent hot dogs at the Corona when we bought our $2.25 beers. I played a punk show at Big Log and laid sod in Veinerville cause Tony needed it done. Good times for all.

October 2 - Regina Brewer's Dinner at Beer Bros.

Matt, Chef Malcolm and the crew at Beer Bros. in Regina will welcome us again with open arms for a beer dinner at the popular downtown destination. For those of you unfamiliar with Beer Bros., it is the only beer bar I know of in Western Canada with such an extensive and ever evolving beer list. Guaranteed they're going to have something on the menu I've never had, and just have to try. And I'm sure you can imagine, I've had a few different beers in my day.

We've done multiple beer dinners now at the restaurant, and all have been fantastic, with each better than the last. Matt assures me that if the sold tickets burst past the capacity of the events room, they'll be opening up the dining room for the event. Come on people, let's show em' some love for being the sweet beer bar that they are!

Pictured here is one of my favourite courses from a few dinners back. Stir Stick Stout Stew with Oven Fresh Biscuits and a Bacon Stir Stick.

Come with an open mind, leave satisfied.

Regina will be the only Canadian city with Humulus Ludicrous on tap. The last one at Beer Bros. sold out in under three hours. And just cause that's how we roll, they'll be getting the Oktoberfest Lager on tap, too. There'll be 4 kegs of each since Matt already has them ordered.

In other news:
Punk N' Fest

Mark October 30th, 2010 on your calender for this year's Punk N' Fest. We'll be bottling up a whole tank (2800 bottles give or take a few) and will release them at 9am that day. Stick around though, as we'll have our Pumpkin Carving Contest again, prizes for best costumes, and a few bands playing in the warehouse for your enjoyment.

We've got Transistor 66 labelmates on board and we'll be announcing the bands once we've confirmed 100% with them. Suffice to say, they all kick ass and you would be remiss in sitting at home waiting for the snow to fall.

Brews We're Working On:

Humulus & Oktoberfest - September 15th

We've been putting together the ingredients for a new batch of a one off beer in the same fashion as our Black Scrapper IPA. The British Bulldog will be a 100% British Real Ale using floor malted Marris Otter, crystal malts, and goldings hops. The kicker for this beer will be the fact that it will be a traditional English ale yeast, and then bottle conditioned. This will leave sediment in the bottle, but is a more traditional method of carbonating beer of this style. No release date yet, but we'll keep you in the loop.

Sweet Nikki Brown - early November

Burlywine, Bourbon Burlywine, Vintage Burlywine - December 4th

$ellout $tout - January 15th

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