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Friday, October 15, 2010

Here's just a couple of quick photo's that Erika took during our tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Here you see the lucky cask tapper at The Sugar Bowl in Edmonton. Spraying beer is just part of the fun of tapping a new cask. He actually got a pretty sweet hit on the tap head and lost very little in the way of precious brew.

Here you see the gang's got their pints of uber hoppy Oktoberfest to enjoy during the evening of conversation. Thanks go out to the folks from the Edmonton Homebrewer's Guild who were there, as well as the folks from Alley Kat who came to support the evening. Alley Kat are usually the ones who supply the casks for these events at The Sugar Bowl.

Here's a snap of our tasting at Kawa in Calgary. Much thanks to Alex for being a gracious host, and to the folks from Wild Rose and Brewster's who came to enjoy an evening of tasty brews, too.

There were definitely some faces I recognized there and I'm sure the more often I come out, the more names I'll remember!

Our tasting in Lethbridge was well attended, with members of the Werthogs coming out to support, and lots of fans there to try some of the rarities we brought. We finished the night off at Plum, which was a wonderful local restaurant. Thanks go out to the folks out there at the Andrew Hilton store. Next time I'm out, I definitely have to make time for a side trip for the fly fishing. I'll bring my hip waders!

The Medicine Hat Beer fest was a blast with about double the attendance originally expected. I've made note elsewhere that it was a bit of a more refined crowd, so there were less drunken frat boy antics, which I appreciate immensely. I was also surprised at the roving groups of ladies searching out the darkest beers on every table. Good on ya!

The trip wound up with an evening of fine food and beverages at Beer Bros. in Regina. Thanks go out to the whole crew there for running an magnificent event. We packed them into the dining room, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Each course of the five course meal was presented as a trio on the plate. We were able to give some beer history as it relates to Half Pints, and Chef BJ Byrne was able to wax poetic about his choices for the food pairings and special techniques involved.

Highlights from the event were:
  • Royal Miyagi Oysters with gastric (a white wine and shallot broth of sorts) paired with Humulus Ludicrous
  • Thai vegetable curry with sweet sushi rice paired with Little Scrapper
  • Sea Bass ale ceviche with Bulldog
  • Rabbit Rouladen with Oktoberfest
  • a toss up between Almond frozen Souffle and Stir Stick Truffles paired with the Stir Stick

Thanks to our Alberta sales force of one, Erika for helping to organize the events and timing. Thanks to Nicole for helping me get my act together while on the road. Without her, I'd be sleeping in a box in some dark alleyway.

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