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5th Annual Burlywine Day!

Monday, November 29, 2010

For those of you in the dark about our Annual Open House, I'll give you a bit of a run-down as to why you might actually want to brave the snow and cold on December 4th, 2010 to join us for some or more of your day:

Since the first year (pictured here on the left), we've brewed one of our most recognized beers for release on the first Saturday in December. Our fans have treated this day as a bit of a reward for their fiercely loyal stance, where they get to come and sample some brews, munch on some food pairings and generally talk beer with the staff and other like minded beer lovers.

Part of our mission as brewers since day one has been to introduce Winnipeg's beer lovers to a higher consciousness regarding their favourite tipple. It's our opinion that an educated beer drinker is dangerous to the large multi-national swill factories that now produce the bulk of our nation's beer. It's not like there's a conspiracy theory involved, it's just plainly obvious what good beer tastes like and we think that if you're reading this (even if you've never tried our beer) you probably already agree.

This being our 5th year, we've gotten a little misty eyed remembering how hard it was to start up where others had failed. There have definitely been times when we thought a 5th Burlywine Day would never come, then suddenly, like a startled waking from a dream, it was upon us once again. We've come a long way since the days when Nicole could deliver beer in her old mini van.

The dream was and always has been to produce great beer right here in Winnipeg, knowing full well that it would catch on, and with the help of our customers we could educate even more people as to what goes into making that happen. I think we've achieved even more than we could've dreamed and it's time for the next step.

When we first started selling beer, Nicole and her brother had designed the original labels and boxes for the brewery in our basement at home. While they worked great for our formative years, as some of you well know, we've recently refreshed the look of our beer with help from the good folks at Guppy Graphic Design here in Winnipeg.

They look sharp, and while we go through the last of the old labels and boxes, there will be a bit of an odd switchover cause hey(!) we're from Winnipeg where waste not, want not is more than just lip service.

We'd really love to have you join us for this 5th Annual Burlywine Day. We've brewed up a special limited release of our Bourbon Burlywine using oak spirals soaked in bourbon that were added to our 2009 vintage of the Burlywine and aged for a year in our coldroom.
In the past we've raffled off leg lamps a-la "A Christmas Story". This year Nicole has ordered a Festivus Pole to raffle off in support of Winnipeg Harvest. Bring a tin for the bin and we'll give you an entry for free! Who ever wins must accept the responsibility that comes with the pole, such as the "airing of grievances" and the "feats of strength".
All this longwindedness comes down to this:
Nicole and I have decided that next year, we'll have our open house again, but it will be much longer until we brew the Burlywine again. When, we cannot say but for us, it's time we moved on and pushed some new boundaries with next year's beer. There's just so much that we haven't done and this way, we can make room for something new.
So grab your long undies, minus 40 rated boots and toques, and join us for an honest to goodness Burlywine Day one more time. We'd love to see you there so we can say thanks in person for being the wicked fans that you all are.
Brewmaster David Rudge