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New Labeler For Movember

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movember is here and while the staff are rocking their cheezey stache's, Kevin has the new labelling machine up and running. Over the next few weeks as we weed out the supply of the "vintage" labels, we'll be switching each beer over to the new designs.

Our fans have probably already noticed the new designs in at the Liquor Marts and here at the brewery. In the words of Trevor Wideman they're "fucking gorgeous" - his words, not mine, though I can't disagree with the choice thereof - especially since my wife's face in on the front of the first set to go out.

So here's the part where we ask for donations towards the cause. Click Here to make a donation to the Half Pints Movember Team and help save someone's ass, literally.
On November 27th, 2010 we'll be having a Movember Cask Night at The Lo Pub to help raise some more cash for the cause. Drink beer, save the world. Could it really get any easier?