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The Sigh of Relief

Thursday, December 30, 2010

We're coming to the end of this crazy year. It's been a busy one with the expansion of the brewery capacity - so much so, it could drive one to suck on fake cigarettes like you see Chris doing here.
Somehow, I imagine him as a french film noir superstar with such artsy shots like this one.
Those two massive (to us) new tanks made it easier for us to keep up with demand during the past few weeks. It also helps that we're not having to mess around with pre-labeling bottles anymore. Sure makes the finishing processes easier when you don't have to scramble to label bottles just to get the beers out of the tanks.
It's almost like we're a real brewery these days!
Hopefully you get to relax with your family during this time. Thank you for making us a small part of your year.
On January 3rd, we'll be back at it and planning the next few months worth of beers. Stay tuned kiddies, there's some fun stuff coming.