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Flavour Training Success!

Friday, February 25, 2011

By all accounts the first Flavour Training Course was a rousing success.  We actually ended up shortening up the number of nights and took on a few more flavours on the second and third nights so everyone could free up their Thursday evening.

Click here to see the view from Colin's tasting notes.

Thanks to all who participated - we're really looking forward to the next course in March.

In other news:

The Growing Local conference is this weekend and for those of you local foodies and farmers, we're happy to provide some tasty beverages to this intelligent local event.  Say hi to Chris at our booth during the dinner this evening and grab yourself some local treats from the Chefs.

$ellout $tout release day is on Saturday.  Doors open at 9am, while we do have about 20 cases more of it this year vs. last, don't expect it to last the whole day.  Be here early, or sleep in and hear the never ending stories about how great it is from your friends who know how to set their alarm clocks and are strangely unwilling to share their bottles.  The way I see it, if Kyle can be organized enough to make it here from Lethbridge, surely some Winnipeg folks can be here to huddle up and keep him warm out there!

The week of April 11th, I'll be in Regina judging beers for the ALES Club National Homebrewing Competition.  Those of you out there who brew beer at home can send their entries into the Regina competition for judging.  Winners automatically advance to the NHC First Round in the states, and winners from Regina have done quite well on the international stages in the past.

On Friday evening, April 15th, we'll be hosting a beer dinner along with the Chefs and staff at Beer Bros.  Half Pints' beers are on tap there regularly, so we'll have plenty of interesting pairings for the crowd.

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