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A Day Late, and A Dollar Short

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Alright, so maybe not a dollar short, but a late update is better than no update.

I spent last week in Regina at the ALES Club National Homebrew Open 2011.  You can see the results here.

It was a good week, though I was a tad nervous when I hit Grenfell and the RCMP sent me to Melville before going back down to Regina.  I thought I might get stuck in Saskatchewan and not be able to return until the flood waters subsided.  As it was, the Qu'Appelle Valley was gorgeous and warm, if not a little soggy with plenty of spots where the water lapped the #10 right at the sides.

I actually took it pretty easy, with only the odd beer here and there aside from judging.  I think if I wanted to drink more, I should be a competition steward.  I always seem to see those guys with beers in hand!

Friday we judged beer twice and then we had a beer dinner to do over at Beer Bros. in the Scarth Street Mall.  A great time was had by all - if anyone has photo's, please shoot them over to me at the brewery, I'd be glad to put them up.

We also had a lovely cask of Five-Al-IPA (5 citrus fruit zests, coriander and dry hops).  Lots of good comments on that one from the ALES Club volunteers.  That makes two casks of the Five-Al-IPA that we've brewed up and almost nobody at the brewery but me has tasted them.  I guess we might have to work one up for the next Friday the Firkinteenth.

Thanks to Dave Neilly (Brewmaster @ Wild Rose on the left here - Gary's on the right) I got the chance to try the ridiculous Tactical Nuclear Penguin from the goof balls at Brew Dog.

TNP clocks in at 32% and after some recent pissing matches with other breweries about making the highest alcohol "beer" on the planet, I really don't care who came out on top.  Click here if you do.

I can't say I really liked it, since pretty much everything I've ever had from them has been undrinkable.  At least they're consistent!  Dave assures me that the 5am Saint is drinkable, so I guess I'll have to keep trying their beers one at a time until something actually hits.  I imagine that when Brew Dog figures out how to brew beer that matches their marketing genius, they'll take over the world.

Saturday morning we were up early for the traditional morning at Regina's premiere haute couture food establishment, Mr. Breakfast.  With a name like that, it's hard to imagine all the goodness that goes on within those walls, but I find too many locals don't know and love this awesome greasy spoon as much as I do.

The giant Molson M billboard above the place is just a bonus.

Here you see Dave and Nathan K. late Saturday night after the Bushwakker Brewer's Dinner.  Lots of beer with the meal, plus an import list of impressive girth = happy boys.

Given that Nathan took one for the team with the Half Pints W, I only thought it fair to vindicate his beer loving spirit with this shot for all of you to enjoy.

Hey Ken, that's your bottle of Pickard's in the bottom left corner, too.  It's famous!

All in all, a fun week topped by some silliness and general good times.  Thanks to the ALES Club for being the gracious hosts that they are and making the week fun to work at.

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