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Our Newest "Beer"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Half Pints is pleased to announce the release of our newest world class brew,


What is W you ask?

It's our fantastical first foray into the world of macrobrewing.  We figure we've dominated the craft beer realm for much too long, what with our beers garnering attention in various books, magazines, and websites.


is produced using only the finest malt, hop and yeast as per our regular brews, but the thing that sets W apart from all the rest is its smooth drinkability and its crisp, clean finish.  We've never heard a beer described like this ever before.

Here's what our fans have to say about their first taste of W:

"This is by far the most thirst quenching beer I've ever had!" - Jeremy W.

"The specially patented fizzeration-nation-carbonation in this is so smooth, you'd be hard pressed to get bloated on it.  Hell, I could drink eight glasses like this a day!" - Zachary M.

"This beer is so light, I bought a whole tank so I could use it to blow up ballons for my kid's parties" - HR Puffinstuff

Here's our original concept art for W:

As you can see, the styling is truly original.  We decided not to use our regular designers so we could come up with something so cool that everyone would want to run to their kitchen and grab one right now.  Oh, sorry, you didn't hear?

Yes that's right.  Half Pints W is now on tap in your house!  Get to your kitchen and try it now!

Click this video below for a commercial.  We've spared no expense with this one, and spent over ten billion dollars getting it just right, since it was editied by faeries of the wood.

FOR TODAY ONLY: stop by to have your photo taken with the newest world class beer from Half Pints Brewing Company and we'll post your photo up here for everyone to see!

W, you can't live without it! (TM)