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The Half Pints Movement

Friday, May 6, 2011

There's been some talk in the blogosphere recently about customers requesting that their local bars promote half pints as an option.  The subject is key in mature beer markets in the States where the choice of beers is dizzying and the strength of interesting beers keeps climbing to ridiculous heights.

Good on ya internets, you're finally picking up on what we've been saying for the last five years: a half pint of good beer is better than six lousy pints anyday.

What I don't agree with is bars charging me extra for the privilege of giving me less.  A half pint of beer should cost me half of what it costs for a regular pint of beer.  Obviously if your idea of a pint is 16 ounces and a half pint is 12, then yes, it should cost me more.  But real pints are 20 ounces and halves are 10, so if it costs me $5 for a pint, it certainly should not cost me $3 for a half.  Hell, I don't even need fancy glassware - serve it to me in a full sized glass so I can swirl the beer around (though not like this guy) and actually get the aroma of the beer.

As a beer lover, Half Pints started from the idea that I'd have a half of one beer and if I felt like another, I'd go ahead and have a half of something else - usually in a progression of softer to stronger, less hoppy to more hoppy.  If I was really in the mood for stupidity, I'd order a side of good Scotch as well.
As pubs get more beer savvy, there needs to be a way for patrons to explore the world of beer without feeling the need to polish off a whole pint.  And as well, people need to get tuned into the idea that leaving beer behind in a glass and not finishing it is OK!  (Gasp!)

Did you ever get 1/3 of the way into a pint and realize that the beer was crap?  It's happened to everyone out there - so what'd ya do about it.  You drank the beer!  That's crazy - life's too short for bad beer.  Leave it behind and move on.

If the beer was bad because the pub doesn't clean their lines, send it back.  If the beer company promised you that the beer in question would get you chix in bikini's and it tastes like uncarbonated watery yellow corn, send it back.  If the beer was obviously flawed - as our tasting course grads will tell you - SEND IT BACK.

The beauty of half pints of Half Pints is that you allow yourself more of a chance to experience all that the world has to offer you.  No longer are you hamstrung into a single pint of beer thru a whole meal - that's asking too much of a beer.  With half pint measures you can pick something that goes well with your appy and main, then switch it up for dessert.  Et Voila - an experience you can enjoy without getting totally sauced.

That's something I can get behind.

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