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Friday's Beer Break

Friday, July 22, 2011

Today's Friday Beer Break first beer comes again from Deschutes - Twilight Summer Ale.

Not the type of beer that Bella drinks when busy being angsty and choosing between vampires or werewolves, the Twilight was a lighter, hoppy pale ale with a peachy hop flavour from the Amarillo hop.

A lightly grassy and biscuity malt backbone made this a very drinkable beer.  Good job Deschutes' brewers!

Avery Brewing Company's Maharaja was the second beer for the break today.

It had a snappy, pineapple and orange peel hop flavour with a lingering metallic bitterness.  Stong alcohol is well hidden and leaves a long, herbal aftertaste with a little sweet toasted malt.

Both very tasty - Zach says the Maharaja was better on tap - it'd be tough for me to argue that one since most beer is better when it's on tap anyways.

Anyhoo, back to the salt mines!