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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's been busy at the brewery lately and the guys are chugging along with packaging while trying to keep their heads above the beery water.  I can see that we're catching up, but with all the events coming in the next few weeks, we'll be running right up until the last second anyway.

The Flatlander's Beer Festival beer list was put out a week ago or so.  Here's a truncated list of some of the new beers that the distributors/MLCC are bringing.  No point in giving the full list since it's got so many tired old beers on it:

BOOTH BRAND Country Style

5 Du Moulin Pilsner France Pilsner

5 3 Monts Golden Ale France Ale

6 Bitburger Premium Draft Germany Lager

6 Thwaites Wainwright Ale England Ale

6 Thwaites Very Nutty Black England Ale

12 Rolling Rock USA Lager (a classic example of DMS in beer)
25 Tatra Poland Lager

27 Russell Brewing IPA Manitoba Ale

27 Fort Garry Brewing Blonde Manitoba Ale

27 Fort Garry Brewing Special Dark (whiskey infused) Manitoba Ale (probably just their Dark Ale aged in Crown Royal barrels)

30 Brooklyn East India Pale Ale USA Ale
31 Black Boss Porter Poland Porter

33 Box Steam Dark & Handsome England Ale

35 Broeder Jacob Brown Ale Belgium Ale

35 Urthel Saisonniere Ale Belgium Ale

35 St. Louis Kriek Belgium Lambic Fruit (not a real lambic - don't get your hopes up)

36 Half Pints Brewing Stir Stick Stout Manitoba Stout

36 Half Pints Brewing Cask Ale Manitoba Ale

We'll be bringing our A game, even if others aren't.  As a beer drinker, it is maddening that the best that the local beer festival can come up with is 3/4 of the beers that have been on the shelf for a year or more.  If you go to any other beer festival on the planet, this situation would be unacceptable.  I will give bonus points to Fort Garry and a couple of the better beer distributors for stepping up their game in recent years, with some interesting finds.

We have to think like a customer at these events, and if you could buy all of the new beers at the event for less than the price of the ticket to support the Yearling Foundation, then going to the fest is pointless.  Unfortunately, that viewpoint tends to be lost on a great many of the distributors coupled with the lazy mentality of the big boys.  Face it guys, just cause you advertise it 4 million times a day, doesn't make it any good.

We'll have a cask of our famous Five-Al-IPA for sampling on both nights.  For those of you unfamiliar with the beer, it's our IPA dryhopped with 5 different citrus peels and a boatload of extra dry hops.  The peels make for a very smooth and oily hoppy ale.  Tasty stuff that most of the guys at the brewery have never tried because we've only taken one cask to Regina with us before.  Good times were had by all.

We'll also have with us our newly reformulated Stir Stick Stout, which has been beefed up with more caramel notes and more chocolate malt for a decidedly fuller bodied drink.  Hopefully many of you out there are enjoying it as much as I have been recently - especially as a float like we had it at the Rigamarole release day/Anniversary Day.

Speaking of our Anniversary, the real celebration is being planned as we speak, with Nicole and Zach taking the reigns and running with a full out party at the Lo Pub sometime in October.
We've got some events lined up for the first week of September for the students at the UofM.  We are the beer supplier for quite a few of the first week's events so hopefully the new students learn to pace themselves and enjoy something different than their usual.
The Humulus Ludicrous has been brewed and will be released at the brewery on September 17th at 9am.  We will be sending some to Regina and Alberta, though we'd appreciate patience from them since we will be hand bottling the run in 660 ml. bottles and that takes time.
On October 15th, we'll also have a special NEW BEER to release.  Yummy stuff on the horizon, and a good time to be a beer lover in Winnipeg...

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