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Friday's Beer Break

Friday, August 5, 2011

Castle Milk Stout from South Africa (thanks Ben) was a lovely soft and roasty beer with a good dose of sweetness from the Lactose sugar added during the process.

The can says it's 6% a/v but it tastes more like a 3%.  So suffice to say that at the end of a hot day in South Africa, this would make a lovely nightcap

The description of how we came by this one will warm the hearts of hippies everywhere.

This bottle of Tyranena Brewing's Chief Blackhawk's Porter came to us from a fellow who came to town for Folk Fest.  Since there's no good beer on site, and everyone had brought their LOCAL FAVOURITE - Half Pints - he ended up enjoying real local beer at everyone's campsite.

We got a call on Monday morning saying he was bringing us treats and wanted a tour of the brewery before he left town.

This is one awesome porter with all the soft malt toastiness and acrid burnt malt backbone that a real porter has.  Very tasty stuff, Mr. Outtatowner!  If anyone here could remember your name, we'd say: thank you, you've made this beer break a memorable one.