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Friday's Beer Break

Friday, August 19, 2011

We figured since Zach was away for a few days that we could have a really fantastic beer break today.  This is only partly to pay him back for opening a bottle of Ballast Point IPA without me...

Our Friday Beer Break actually started on Thursday this week.  We tried the Ghosttown Stout from the Brasseur De Montreal.  A tasty beverage it was indeed with lovely sweet chocolate notes and a distinct Jagermeister twang due to the Absinthe they use in it.

Compared to many of the overly bitter, terribly acrid Stouts I've tried from the belle province, this one was quite the charmer.  Nothing brash about it, just a well balanced, well brewed, properly understood take on the style.

Good job, Brasseur De Montreal!

Today, we opened a bottle of the Oak Aged Un*earthly from Southern Tier which was almost like a tropical fruit salad.  Not a lot of Oak character, but definite mixed salad of hops and everyone here seemed to enjoy it.  There was a solid backing sweetness that led it to be more drinkable than it should be when it clocks in at 11%.

The other bottle we opened was the Carnegie Stark Porter which exhibited a lovely smooth dark malt presence.  The aroma is the kicker in this one and given that the bottle was the 06' vintage, was a real surprise.  Kevin described it as a softer, less metallic tasting molasses.

He also said this would be the perfect beer for after a long cross country ski thru the bush to some remote cabin.  Ohh Kevin, somehow, someway, the conversation always returns to your cross country skiing.  Winter's coming man, winter's coming...