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Friday's Beer Break - Post #100

Friday, September 16, 2011

Five years in and I'm just getting to post #100, well it's a good one regardless cause we're talkin' bout beer.

 Here's Vanessa, Ryan, and Jeremy.

Vanessa's happy cause she's been dragged away from her computer and been asked to drink beer,
Ryan's all business with that serious "I'm really thinking about this beer face,
Jeremy (in today's role as Price Is Right girl) is also smiling cause he brewed the Smoktoberfest today.

In Jeremy's hand is today's first beer break beer, Creemore Springs Kellerbier.

OK, so this beer is a prime example of the difference in opinion when it comes to the words "generously hopped".

More power to you, Creemore for making a beer that tastes not unlike water with a little munich malt thrown in.

That said, it was clean and crisp lager, which are both ridiculously generic flavour descriptors for a ridiculously generic beer.
Now here, we're speaking my language.

Sierra Nevada Southern Hemisphere Harvest is a beer brewed with hops from New Zealand when the hops are fresh picked off the vine at the end of their growing season.

A citrusy aroma, led me to believe that this is, in fact, a generously hopped beer.  Not to be outdone, the woody, herbal hop finish and the lingering rosemary/thyme notes came through in spades.  Once again, Sierra Nevada knocks one out of the park.  Not bad for a bunch of Dead Heads.

In other news:
Tomorrow is the release of the Humulus Ludicrous at the brewery.  The doors open at 9am, and we have plenty of beer, so there's no danger we'll run out in the first hour.  We've got one more batch coming down the pipeline in the next three days, so if we do happen to run out, we'll have more bottled next week.

In Winnipeg, the Humulus will be on tap sometime soon at the Yellow Dog Tavern

Regina will see not one, but two pubs serving the hoppy amber goodness with Beer Bros and Bushwakker both taking kegs.  The fellows at Beer Bros. also managed to snag themselves a keg of Rigamarole Rye that will be shipped out sometime this week.

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