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Sparge Water World Tour 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Remple pre-debilitating-near-amputation of his fingers.
To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Half Pints Brewing Company, the world's greatest brewery band, Sparge Water will be gracing the folks of Winnipeg with their presence on October 15, 2011 at the Lo Pub in Winnipeg.

While the band is currently on tour, we figured that it would make sense to inform everyone ahead of time so you can start camping out and lining up.  There may still be some rooms available that night in the hostel for those of you without your own cookstoves, portable latrines, and tents.

While not an operating member, Schoney is the inspiration
for everything Sparge Water does.  All men should aspire
to his level of cool sauveness.  Here he's showing Kevin
video of his exploits on the Paris leg of the tour.

Here's some photo's of the band's tour bus, which was built to be an exact replica of our brewer, Chris' basement so he would feel less homesick while rounding out the tour of the pacific rim nations.

The band has been having a great time on this tour.  While living in five star hotels and using our private jet to get from gig to gig can get a little old, it is nice to know that some of the world's greatest names in music have been busy writing songs for us.

The calls from Dylan, Petty, and Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV have been never ending - even the executers for Joey Ramone (who willed us a song before his untimely passing) were getting in on Sparge Water's Bieber-esque success.


Here you see Jeremy and Chris (before Chris found out we
took him on the extra shows thru Mongolia) happy as
clams practicing on the bus.
 The first thousand people in line will recieve the undying appreciation of the band, and possibly some deodorant by Mennan for enduring the wait.

Be at the Lo Pub on October 15, 2011 to see Sparge Water, along with The Thrashers and The Vibrating Beds.
Zach Mesman uses his commanding position to make
sure the crew rocks.  This is the face he made
for most of our swing thru Dubai.

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