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Movember's Here

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ok folks, time to get out your wallets!  Movember is here and I'm growing the most ridiculous 70's porn star handlebar moustache.  Check it out:
I know what you're thinking:
aren't brewers only allowed to grow crazy bushy livin' under a bridge beards?

Not this month my friends!

Please click here to make a donation to the Movember Cause.

That was not a request.  You're not allowed to read anything about the yummy fantastic beers I'm about to tell you about until you donate.  Otherwise, it's just like getting up from the table before you paid for a round.

Alrighty - you've donated right?  You're awesome.  You're helping to save the world.  We'll drink beer and tell stories of Moustache glory together on the sand someday soon.

Since you were so cool, I'm gonna let you in on some fun stuff we've been working on in the brewery:

Tonight, Movember 10th we're pouring beers at the Scotch Tasting at the Winnipeg Winter Club.  Darren Raeside puts these on with interesting finds from the reps around town.  There's always something I haven't tried, which really is the point of any scotch/wine/beer event, isn't it?

Sweet Nikki Brown is coming down the red carpet for all her fans.  Set to be released on Movember 19th for an extended run (we'll be brewing her till at least February), we'll be kicking off her highness in style with a Movember Cask of Pistachio Mustachio Ale at the Yellow Dog on the 17th.

Greg at the Yellow Dog has also asked me to remind you that he has the Smoktoberfest on tap at the bar, and if you haven't experienced the subtle kick in the head that is the Smoketoberfest, you're missing out.  It does grow on you like hair on a lip.

Movember 26th we'll be doing a three course Movember Dinner at Degrees Diner at the U of M.  We'll see a menu this weekend sometime and I'll post up the details as soon as we have them.  Suffice to say, we always bring our A game to beer dinners.

Movember 30th we'll be sponsoring the wrapup for Movember at the Park Theater.  Come be together with your Mo Bro's and we can all laugh at my pitiful excuse for a 'stache.

Leaving Movember behind, December 3rd is our 6th Annual Open House and although we've retired the Burlywine, be prepared for what is quite possibly the biggest beer we've ever done: Demeter's Harvest.

The Demeter's Harvest is a Wheatwine with local 2 row pale malt, hard malted white wheat, and many buckets of honey from our friends over at BeeMaid here on Roseberry.  The beer is finished with multiple American citrus hop varieties for a strong snappy hop aroma.

So while not vegan, it is quite possibly one of the most interesting beers we've put out there to date and a serious contender for many best of lists in the coming year.  I can't wait to see what you all think of it...