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Pictures From Festiv Ale

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey all,

Here's a picture roundup from this weekend's Festiv Ale in Regina.

Dave (smiley guy with the goatee) and some of the crew from Brewster's

Our new besties from Paddock Wood up in Saskatoon

Me singing "Talk Dirty To Me" with the guys from God's #$%@.  Sorry guys very rarely do I censor myself, but for some reason, it seems appropriate for this one.

Friday Night Crowd - notice the room to move and not everyone is sloppy drunk.

Bushwakker Nachos Late Night Friday Fare.  That plate is honestly at least 18 inches wide and 10 inches high.  Never let it be said that the 'shwakk skimps on the goods.

Our friends from Beer Bros. preparing to make about a million bacon wrapped, deep fried Snicker's bars.

A few words of note from Regina:
Congratulations to Nadia and Grant who welcomed two beautiful babies into the world this weekend.  I expect to see many photo's when I'm there in April.

Thanks to our man on the ground in Regina (Jarrod) for taking time out of his busy life to pour beer with us on Friday night.

Thanks to Gary for his help on Saturday night as well as the Falkenstein Family for letting Jeremy and I crash at their place.

Thanks to Chef Malcolm Craig for having us back on his radio program on Sunday morning.

Beer highlight of the weekend runner up: Brekle's Brown Ale from Anchor Brewing

Beer highlight of the weekend first prize: Rogue Brewing Voodoo Donuts Bacon Maple Ale

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