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Black Galaxy - March 17 - 9 a.m.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Here's a quick shot of our newest creation called Black Galaxy, which is a Cascadian Dark Ale/American Black Ale or (less appropriately) Black IPA.

The last time we did a beer of this style, the lineup was out the door and down the block with hopheads waiting for their fix of hop-a-licious goodness.  The Black Scrapper was well received by all, and has even remained in the Top 50 in the World for it's style over on, at one point hovering around 24th in the world (out of 480).

Lots of breweries are doing this style of beer right now, so we thought it was only fitting for us to raise the bar and add another notch in our belts to get the beer knurds excited out there in beerland.

This time around, we brewed to 6% a/v with around 60 IBU's of bitterness.  The kicker is the multiple additions of Australian Galaxy hops we added to the brew as it sat perking away.

If you closed your eyes and drank this beer, you'd be hard pressed to think it was so dark, but that's the fun of the style, and as the beer warms, there's a bit of chewy black malts there, but the hops are in your face for the whole ride.

In Winnipeg, this beer will ONLY BE SOLD FROM THE BREWERY.  Does that stress it enough that you must be here at 9am on St. Paddy's Day to pick up this beer if you ever hope to try it?  There will only be about 50 cases of this beer for all of Winnipeg.  Why you ask?  Cause that's how we roll sometimes (and I could only get the one box of Galaxy hops, too).

Regina will be getting two kegs of Black Galaxy that will be served on tap at Beer Brothers.  Bonus: they also managed to score a keg of the Saison De Ceinture Flechee as well!

We will be shipping cases of this beer to Alberta, cause we figure we owed it to our friend Kyle from Lethbridge who drove all the way to Winnipeg a couple weeks back only to find we hadn't bottled the beer yet.  However, he did get to taste the beer from the tank before I did!  Look for it popping into the AGLC system and then the stores a couple of weeks or so after St. Paddy's Day.


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