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On the verge of the 2-4 Weekend

Friday, May 18, 2012

Here we are, once again, on the cusp of the May long weekend!

We've been gearing up for the Queer Beer release and tomorrow looks like it will be a busy day with all the folks coming in to pick up this year's version.

A few notes for all the beer knurds out there:
This year's Queer Beer is a straight up Helles in style with no added raspberry juice (as we did in last year's version).  That means that so far, I've been able to knock back a few and have taken to mowing the grass more often, both at work and home in a vain attempt to have an "excuse" to sample it some more.  I can see why the Helles style has quickly become the beer of choice at large scale celebrations like Oktoberfest.

For those of you looking to pick this beer up at the Liquor Marts, there will only be four carrying it (River & Osborne, Hargrave & Ellice, Portage & Burnell, and Grant Park).  Our deliveryman extraordinaire, Ryan will be dropping the beer at those LC's on Tuesday morning sometime.

Regardless of what you do this weekend (or any weekend for that matter) be cool, have your ride planned ahead of time, and pace yourself.  They don't call it the long weekend for nothing!

Brewmaster Dave & The Half Pints Crew

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