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New Schtuff and Old Friends

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The distinct lack of communication here is simply due to the fact that's it's damn hot, and therefore damn busy - something I'd rather not apologize for since busy is good.

So, why not make it more busy and brew new beer!  I think Zach is going to have a heart attack because we keep throwing fun new beers into the mix and we're always left scrambling to keep up.  This is a good thing, both for my creative inspiration and beer drinkers alike.

The newest creation is "Noche De Los Alebrijes" - a malty Oaxacan dark lager.  Inspired by the carvings of the Oaxacan area of Mexico, this beer is a very drinkable dark lager with tons of Munich malt and a spicy zip of German Perle hops.  We've had a few of them just to be sure it's good.  We'll let everyone know when to expect it in the next couple weeks.  Suffice to say, you'll want to be on this one cause after the first bottle, I think you'll get what we're up to - late night deck beer.  Nuff said!

Wow, look at these beauties!  Nicole was able to swing some barrels from Kentucky.  I think this may be a slightly selfish endeavour since she seems to have taken a recent shining to good bourbon.

As you may or may not know, you can't sit on fresh bourbon barrels for long before they dry out and leak like a sieve, so we had to get them filled with ANOTHER NEW BEER.  I really do love working here some days.  The day we filled the first round of these was one of those days.  The pungent aroma of vanilla and charred wood was everywhere that morning.  Yummy.

There's also one new beer we've got in our old whiskey barrels that has been slumbering since last year at this time.  I'll not say what it is at this time since it still has a few months to go in the barrel before I'm completely happy with it.  At this point it's close to being ready and we may just have to bottle it up simply so I can stave off the craving for that style of beer.

As for the "old friends" part of the title, we have the return of the Humulus Ludicrous in a couple of weeks.  Since I know extra hoppy beers are like crack to some of you hopheads, I suggest you prepare your bank account and first born for the inevitable.  It's coming.  For those of you who are new Half Pints fans and have no idea what I'm talking about... that's awesome, because you're about to be initiated into the family fold.

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