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Monday, September 17, 2012

A special thanks really needs to be paid to the folks at the brewery who covered for me while your intrepid brewmaster was away last week.  A good time was had by all, especially in Freeport with our guide Marco Polo (not his real last name, but he said that's what everyone calls him anyway).

While driving back from a kayaking and snorkeling adventure, as we passed many Canadian banks on the roadside, Marco told us he was going to help us end our day on a refreshing note at the Sands Brewery.  Since drinking a beer in the car is not illegal there, and I wasn't driving anyway, we stopped and I got a bottle of restorative for the ride back to the docks.

I'll call it restorative since Caribbean stouts tend to be quite sweet, overly alcoholic in my experience.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  What I tried was the "Strong Back Stout" from Sands, and I found it to be a dry, roasty, medium bodied quaffing stout that just happens to clock in at 7.6% a/v.  Considering the +38 c. and 80+% humidity of the local climate, this stout hit the spot right on.  So while it may not fit the beer geekery quotient of tasting like angels pissing on your tongue, in that moment, in that situation, it was certainly the right beer for me.

Which leads me to think of the importance of moments.  A fellow over on Untappd the otherday was waxing poetic about our Humulus and wishing he had a slice of KUB bread to dry his tears of joy!  Right moment, right time - especially for a homesick Manitoban.

Later in the trip, I enjoyed a couple bottles of the Kalik Beer (pictured here on the left).  While the brew is fairly light bodied, it was about 10 times hoppier than I expected a beer on the islands to taste.  How well does a light bodied beer with an ample hoppy nose and flavour go with conch fritters and hotsauce?  I dare say pretty good, given that I had two.

Right moment, right time.

I sometimes wonder if that moment is lost for beer lovers when someone has travelled and brought home beer for his buddies.  Unless I was to crank the thermostats here at the brewery to 38+ and mist the air with water for a few hours, that moment is lost to everyone but me.  But, every time I try that beer again, I'll remember the wise words of Marco...

"This is the islands, mon"

In other words: just be in the moment.  Fine words to live by.

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