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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jackets are now available for order!
A while back, Phil (of Phil's Pils fame) asked if we could get some jackets on the go so that he can retire his collector's item jacket from another brewery here in Winnipeg.  We've finally got some cool designs together and are asking for orders for these jackets to be placed at the brewery.

  1. How much are these jackets?  Normally, $325 + Taxes.  However, for the first order we're dropping the price to $300 + taxes.
  2. Why are they so expensive?  This isn't an off the rack jacket!  Each item will be custom made, so we'll need some measurements from you, your weight, height, etc.
  3. Yeah, but $300?  Are you serious?  Yes, we're totally serious, because the jackets aren't cheap knock offs from China.
  4. Ok, so where are they being made?  They are being completely fabricated here in Winnipeg by the folks at Shanter's Sportwear.  We figure you don't get to be around for 50+ years without knowing a thing or two about the business.  The intricate embroidery work is being done here in Winnipeg as well and the jackets were designed by the folks at Guppy Graphic Designs (also in Winnipeg - are you starting to sense a theme here?).
  5. What are the jackets like? They're built here in Winnipeg for a Winnipeg winter.  They have a sturdy metal zipper, front flap with metal buttons to keep the cold out, quilted insulation on the inside, leather arms, collar, and cuffs with metal buttons, leather accents on the front pockets, a stretchy fabric cuff on the bottom to keep the wind from whipping up your back, and the design with be roughly 11 inches in diameter on the back (so it fits all sizes from small to XXXXL).
  6. When do I have to have my order in by?  January 26th, 2013 - when all the orders are in, the folks at Shanter's will start sewing up these beauties!
  7. How do I secure my spot?  You come down with your measurements, Vanessa at the front desk will make sure we've got everything, and we'll require a 50% deposit up front in order to place an order for your jacket.
Any other questions, please email

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