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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

In case you've been away on vacation or living under a rock, we just thought it may be important to let you know about our newest brew, Le Temps Noire.
Snazzy label keeping with the black and white theme of all our barrel aged beers!
The description:
Our Imperial Stout is a decadent ode to the art of brewing.  Malted & roasted barley come together with a heaping dose of crystal and chocolate malts to form the jet black body.  Columbus hops form the bitter backbone and a slow fermentation leads to a smooth finish.  The beer is then aged for 6 months plus in freshly emptied Bourbon barrels.  The barrel aging adds in a complexity of brown sugar and vanilla notes along with a slight interplay of oxygen that would be impossible to achieve without this expensive and time consuming process.  The result is a thick, rich Stout that should be served at 14 C. in a brandy glass with a side of your favourite dark chocolate.  Unfiltered.

Chris empties the barrels with our new Bulldog Pup racking arm

So, we have been keeping this one under our lids for some time, and only started letting people know it was on its way when we started sampling from the barrels to check its progress.  It's tough to know what you'll end up with during the barrel aging process since each barrel has different properties, leaks differently, and takes in oxygen differently.  We're glad everything went cool with this brew.

A few notes for the beer geeks:
  1. Yes, this is a real Imperial Stout.
  2. This is a different recipe from our $ellout $tout.
  3. We did not reuse the barrels from our $ellout to make this beer.
  4. This beer is 100% barrel aged.
  5. We will reuse these barrels for something very interesting.
  6. We will be making this again - not sure when... yet.
As for what we have in store for the leftover barrels, only time will tell.  A beer will be laid down in them for an extended slumber.  Over the next few weeks, you will get a little preview of what that beer will be.  However, we don't even have a name for it yet, or labels, or a release date, so patience will bear out.  Suffice to say, we've been working on it since June 2011.

Next up in the brewing roster is the Pothole Porter (mid-March release), followed by the Queer Beer (mid April release), and we'll be preparing for the early summer onslaught with the Weizen Heimer (mid-June-ish).  Those of you who had said repeatedly that you'd prefer the Heimer closer to summer have been heard, so the Pothole was pushed up to March and the Heimer pushed back to June.

Whoo Hoo! Fresh Weizen Heimer on the deck!!!

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