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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

OK folks, time to put the craft back in craft beer and get your handy crafts on the go in time for summer.  Special thanks to Earth Day for making me think this would be a really great idea.  Send us pictures when you're done your craft mastery.  Here's a few ideas for you to get the ball rolling.

Woo Girl Party Hat
OK, so you've all seen the girls who go "WOO" at concerts in their cheap Corona hats and halter tops.  Now is the time on Craft Beer Corner where you become the envy and delight of every Woo girl on the planet in your Half Pints Beer Case Hat.  Try it out with a 6'er and a 12 pack.

Here's a fellow with some southern charm to show you how!
Next up is a sweet fishing lure you can make at home for summers at the lake:
You've got caps?  Especially our schnazzy new printed caps?  Make this sweet poker table!
Too lazy to do a whole table?  Try this tray!
Everyone knows babies drink from bottles, but beer lovers drink from a glass.
Here's a cool way to stick it to all the beer knurds and still drink a beer from a bottle whilst continuing to respect your favourite craft beer!
Got some cool art to show off from your kid's kindergarten class?
Check out these handy fridge magnets!
Ladies!  How stylish are these crafty earrings?
And finally, for you musically inclined:

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