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Monday, June 16, 2014

Good morning everyone!

Hope you all had a great Father's Day - I sure did, as my kids showered me with beautiful artwork, and relaxed while I put out a breakfast spread of farmer's sausage, shredded hash browns, over easy's and toast.  We were well fed for the adventures of the day, which pretty much consisted of being very lazy while it poured rain outside.

This past week was the Flatlander's Beer Festival - by all accounts a much better event than in past years due mostly to the change in venue.  Aside from Schmocky Night In Canada when we were kids, I can't think of a time when brewery folks have been so close to ice level.  We brought our A game as usual, and the test brew system beers (Imperial Breakfast Stout & Heimer Thyme) sounded like they were well received.  Lots of chatter on the Twit's about both of those and special thanks to the folks that reviewed them over at

We understand that the Randall 2.0 that we picked up was well received.  Nothing like a last second dosing of Citra hops to make your mouth feel happy with the Gloves Off Scrapper.

Phil's Pils made its annual appearance this past Saturday, much to the delight of hoppy Pils fans everywhere in the city.  The guys will be delivering it to stores this week and it will start making its way west in the next week or so for our fans in Alberta.

For those of you footy fans, feel free to join Jeremy's (brewer extraordinaire) Birthday Bash at The Grove on Thursday this week for a taste of his new Eastmount ESB on the cask tap.  This not so coincidentally happens during the England v Uruguay match that will most certainly be on the tele there.  The Eastmount ESB is Jeremy's take on a traditional English ESB, and was brewed on the test batch system as a precursor to a full sized batch of the same.  This is the beer he has chosen to put out as his brewing school graduation final exam.  Hopefully everyone likes it lots and comments are welcomed.

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