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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ok, so - Nathan and some of the guys at the Winnipeg Brew Bombers wrap-up have been giving me the gears to get on a new blog post.  It's been almost 10 months or so since my last update.  Geez!  This sounds like a confessional.

Actually, I have been keeping people more updated through the brewery's Twitter handle @halfpintsbrucru

Suffice to say, I tend to write the most when I'm angry - it's a bit of a hold over from my days as a snot nosed punk rock kid screaming into a microphone.  As you age though, it becomes less important to rail against the evils of the world (and the people in it) than it does to simply be happy and not let it bother you.

In the last few years, I've learned to write music from my happy place, and just play for the sake of the fact that it makes me happy.

Brewing beer is no different.  I'm enjoying brewing test batches of new beers on the Sabco Brew Magic we picked up in the last 6 months.  Most days on it, I'm brewing simply to satisfy an urge to create, as the brewery has now grown beyond anyone's imagination, and if I walk in the door to brew a batch of something new on a whim, it messes up the production schedule for the next eight weeks.

In my homebrew days, I would brew beer simply because I'd read about a certain style and knowing the MLCC, we'd never in a million years be able to pick that particular beer or style up.

Times have changed.  We can buy the beer we like right off the shelf at the store from a plethora of small breweries just like us across the country.  Are they all stellar examples?  No - many are from breweries who built too big and are just trying to dump beer somewhere and hope to god it sells.  Some are big breweries masquerading as independent craft breweries.

But, some are stellar, some are worthy of the beer geek's dollars, and some just hit you in your happy spot like your first love.

So as the market matures, so too must the position we occupy within it and that fluid nature is the beauty of small breweries like ours.  And as I mature, so too must the way I brew with an eye on keeping our creations on the fun side of things.

I personally have cut back dramatically on the amount of beer I drink.  I find this break from beer has re-adjusted my taste buds from needing everything to be big, hoppy monsters, to appreciating the lower alcohol, considerably more subtle session ales and lagers.  That's not to say that I'm not up for brewing a pallet obliterating American Barleywine like we had in Regina at the ALES Club Volunteer night.  It just speaks to the way that I, and my beer are beginning to mature.

Besides, I've said it before - seeing a bunch of punk guys in their 40's and 50's on stage go on about how terrible everything is can be a very demoralizing experience.  It's quite sad actually and really smacks of the disingenuous nature of being that old and still being that angry - and getting paid to be so.

Likewise with beer.  The new age we've all been screaming for is finally here.  Places with good beer outnumber those without.  Bars with the same five beers from Molbatt's look like idiots.  People can certainly brew a world class beer on their driveway (as I've been reminded) because of unprecedented free access to information about brewing techniques.

Great, so lets shaddup about it all and move along with brewing great beer.

And THAT's why you haven't heard much from me lately.

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