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Two days late and a dollar short!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ok, so my mental deadline of a blog post on Monday morning really needs to be made more permanent by setting myself a reminder somewhere.  Sometimes I come in and get pulled away to some other brewery disaster that needs a bucket of water thrown on it.

This Monday, I came in to a happy Jeremy with a leaky boiler pipe.  We discussed his happiness with last week's preview taste of the Eastmount ESB.  Jeremy being a good brewer was hyper critical of his beer - thankfully the beer knurds out there were hyper vocal about how much they enjoyed the beer.  So the truth lies somewhere in between and Jeremy set to brewing a second test batch with a little tuning to the recipe.  We'll see that in the next few weeks on tap again.

We'll probably go thru this process at least three times before Jeremy is completely satisfied with the results.  Et voila!  A new beer will be born.

I finally received my copy of American Sour Beers by Michael Tonsmeire.  I still maintain that our best beer club meeting to date was Michael's Skype Chat with everyone discussing the brewing of Saison beers.  I've not yet finished it, but I'm sure the sours book will lead to much inspiration and experimentation for future brews.

It was brewing sour ales at home that lead to this whole owning a brewery debacle that I find myself in now.  I had gotten bored with regular home brewing, and decided to take the plunge and brew some lambics at home.  This re-ignited my passion for home brewing and ultimately lead to me signing up for professional brewing courses through the American Brewers Guild.  I still have one bottle left of the fateful batch that was bottled way back in 2001.  The second last bottle was delicious.  Maybe its time to take the last one back to the Hop & Vine and critique its flavour profile!

On a more serious note, Winnipeg lost a friend of the arts this week when Dr. David Riesen passed away.  I never actually had him as a teacher at Westwood Collegiate, but he managed to make an impact on my life by type casting me in the role of Feste the Clown (Twelfth Night) in my final year of high school.  Wit and be thy will...

About a year or so later, I was sitting at home and got a phone call that I was to play Rosencrantz in his Mennonite Theater production of Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead.  The decision was made - he needed a foil for his play, and I had "plenty of time" (as he put it) to submerse myself in the role since I only worked nights.  Suffice to say, the work was hard, and I had a fantastic time in the tights once again.

As previously mentioned, though not my teacher per se, and although I didn't realize it then, he taught me much about having a vision and seeing it though.  About art, for the sake of art.  About life, the world, and my place in it.

Ain't Shakespeare grand!?!