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Monday, July 14, 2014

Winnipeg weather as of late makes me wish I had a slate of plus 7% abv. beer in the works.  Its like the sky knows I want to ride my motorcycle and then when I do, it slaps me with gale force winds and hail!

So, a bit of a bump in my mental deadline for blog updates here.  I forgot that vacations don't count.  My family headed out to Airdrie week before last, and we did the rounds of Calgary, Banff, and even took in a day at Stampede.

I had the chance to sneak off one afternoon and go see the guys over at Tool Shed Brewing.  They're busy dudes and at the time were still waiting for their brew system to be delivered.  We're looking forward to hooking up with them in the future for a collaboration or two.

I tend to do very little in the way of beer anything while away, but I did get the chance to drop in on the folks at Trackside Liquors in Medicine Hat.  Its always cool to see craft beer treated in a sane manner with refrigeration, knowledgeable staff, and excellent selection.  I came home with a sixer of various sized bottles for our regular Friday Beer Break.  Details to follow.

So despite our best efforts, there seemed to be some confusion as to when this year's Weizen Heimer was to arrive.  I may have had a part in this, as I thought (for some unknown reason) that the date was the 5th.  Turns out it was the 12th all along.  Either way, the beer is delicious, I enjoyed my customary first bottle off the line (Heimer is the only one I insist on this - usually I just sample from the tank).

Let me re-iterate for those of you who haven't taken our flavour training course yet.  The day the Weizen Heimer goes into the bottle is the best that beer will ever taste.  Due to the nature of the esters in wheat beer, the flavours fade quickly, and as such the beer should be consumed very fresh.  If Winnipeg were a warmer climate, I might re-think our brewery strategy and simply brew wheat beers year round.  But alas, it is not, so "Heimer time" is fleeting.  Enjoy yours quickly so the next taste you have (next year) will be the sweeter for it.

Fun stuff coming down the pipeline in the test brew system:

  • another batch of Jeremy's Eastmount ESB which was well received even though his favourite World Cup team didn't make it very far in the tourney.
  • Chris has a wild rice beer of some sort on the go
  • A test batch of Belgian IPA was brewed up for a prelude to the Clyclocross Nationals being held in Winnipeg this year.
  • Jeff the brew student from Niagara College has a Northern English Brown he's working on today for future release.
The next seasonal beer to be brewed is the Humulus Ludicrous, as the brewery's 8th anniversary is coming up fast on August 9th.

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