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Monday, August 18, 2014

It's no surprise that Growlers are on the horizon for breweries in Manitoba.  The papers have been all over this good news lately.  The MLLC is on a mission to get their pilot program up and running with a tentative starting date in late September.  We're busy working at the brewery trying to get the hardware in place so we're ready to go when we're given the word.  We're looking forward to having an in house outlet for our test batches and direct feedback from the beer folks with their craft beer noses to the ground searching out good stuff.

I'm most excited about not having to explain to our out of town visitors that growlers are not technically legal to fill here.  This happens about 4 times a week, most recently with a lovely couple from Portland, where it seems the beer flows down the streets in open ditches and people can basically bathe in the stuff.  While not true, it is a closer estimation of how craft beer is treated in a responsible modern society with proper access to public and personal modes of transportation.

Jason Foster of was recently extolling the advancement of Portland and Oregon in general when he was talking about the Beer Trucks that can set up at designated food truck areas around the city.  With Winnipeg just starting to get with the times, I can picture a future where we're going to be able to call up the trucks and have a parking lot shindig with beer on tap.  To get there faster, we may need a DeLorean and a flux capacitor.

Or we could simply continue brewing great beer and being vocal about the proper service and treatment thereof.  This approach seems to be working as more craft beer fans realize that their voice does matter and can result in positive change.  Hopefully with the new addition of growlers, other potential breweries realize the benefits of brewing and employing people in Manitoba so the industry can grow as a whole.

And that's something we can all raise a growler to.

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