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Say it ain't so!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Summer is winding down by the looks of things.  The Humulus Ludicrous is making its triumphant return to the shelves, so we're in planning mode for September already and gearing up for another brewing of our Oktoberfest.

The big fun news is that Dean Kelly will be in town on September 6/7th to brew his Best of Show winning Simcoe Spruce Ale at the brewery.  This is the beer that beat out 420+ beers from around Canada to earn the Best of Show bragging rights at last year's Half Pints/Winnipeg Brew Bombers Pro/Am.  Good news is that we're brewing a full 3000 liters and the beer will be available all around town at this year's Pro/Am competition during the first week of October.

We've got some sweet new schwag ordered in the form of belt buckles with an integrated bottle opener.  Now when someone comes at you with a beer bottle, you'll know it's for a good reason.  We've even got some more of the fancy marble tile coasters on their way.

The folks at the Cyclocross Nationals are busy putting together a label for the Dead Ringer Belgo-IPA that will be on tap at the race site in late October.  We can't wait to see how cool it will look on a t-shirt.