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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

This week is Le Burger Week in Winnipeg and Zach and Dot have been busy little bees in getting the bars, pubs and restaurants that we deal with to pair their burgers with our beer in some cases.  Click here to see the creative minds at work!

This Saturday and Sunday we're brewing the Simcoe Spruce Ale with 2013 Half Pints Pro/Am Best of Show winner, Dean Kelly.  We're super excited for Dean to get his hands on the brewhouse and make his beer for everyone to enjoy during the 2014 Pro/Am week - September 29 - October 4th.  The organizing committee has events planned for just about every night that week and we're going to make sure we've got lots of the spruce pale ale on hand so that everyone can have a taste.  Full details to follow.

The brewery staff is busy this week with events at both universities for the first week shenanigans.  Look for them on Friday, but don't neglect your studies in favour of beer, please.  You have a whole year ahead of you and you need to pace yourselves, folks!

September 13th, Dot and I will be out in Dauphin for the Beer & Cash Event at the Watson Arts Center.  We'll get to discuss beery things, have a tasting with some delicious food, then rock the night away with the Johnny Cash cover band:

"Don't miss Beer & Cash on Sat Sept 13 at the Watson Art Center in Dauphin. Johnny Cash fans don't miss the ultimate tribute show , featuring several local performers all covering some of Johnny's all time classics.  Also enjoy some fine Manitoba Craft Beer and Paired food. This Big Ask event will highlight the Man in Black, some tasty exotic beers, and also feature some amazing music. Tickets are $64 each and available at the WAC Ticket Office, The Fiddleore Store, Dauphin Music & Electronics, or by calling 638-6231."

There will be a special order of Half Pints beer sent out to the Dauphin Liquor Mart so the locals can enjoy the brewery's wares post event or if they were unable to attend.

Did you know:

The original name for Little Scrapper IPA was going to be Sucker Punch IPA?
  • We found out that Sucker Punch was taken though, so Little Scrapper was chosen instead.  Also, Little Scrapper was only supposed to be a one time seasonal beer.  Imagine a world without fulltime Scrapper?  Unthinkable!
The original name for St. James Pale Ale was Peg City Draught?
  • The original goal for the beer that would become St. James Pale Ale was to only offer it on draught, because at the time, we were still bottling by hand and knew we couldn't keep up with a beer like it by hand.  When we finally did brew the first test batch at the new brewery on Roseberry we had a new (used) bottling line and it sold out so quickly on draught, we scrambled to make more.  In that time, the decision was made to honour our new home with naming the beer St. James Pale Ale, but it will always be Peg City Draught to me.
We used to deliver beer in a GMC Safari minivan?
  • Not many remember the good old days of delivering our beer in the back of the Safari, that rusted, beer soaked floor served us well for the years we had it.  The drive train dropped out on the way to it being traded in for the current delivery cube van.  Soon, the brewery will have a schnazzy new decaled out delivery truck with an actual loading dock height, and a proper railgate lift for quick delivery turnarounds rather than hand bombing beers into our customer's locations.

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